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L’Reme is a Beauty and Fashion Company located in United Kingdom. L’Reme was coined from the names of the founders’ son and means “The Good God”.  L’Reme recently launched styling for kids within its auspices. This arm of the Company is named: “HELP ME STYLE MY KID” with focus on kid models.

L’Reme has commendable track record in fashion consulting and styling over the past years. We humbly submit that the fashion industry is a broad and dynamic sector with ever emerging designers and brands on a yearly basis. This emerging trend therefore springs up the need for models to showcase designers’ styles and products and it has been brought to our notice that undue concentration is paid more to the fashion styles and needs of youth and matured adults and less on kids. This is the fashion styling need we aim to fulfil.

Thus, the major fashion aim of L’Reme’s: ‘HELP ME STYLE MY KID’ is to encourage all children within its reach and portfolio feel and look good in their size, skin colour and most importantly their fashion outfit. We equally aim to assist, educate and foster partnership with parents to style their kids in the most cost effective way without exceeding their budget.

We hope to foster a valuable partnership with fashion designers and brands to showcase their products through our professional services.


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