Introducing L’reme

…Styling your kid with quality, affordable and timeless clothing!!!

Introducing L’reme

The fashion Industry is a broad and dynamic sector with emerging designers and brands from year to year, and we would be the first to submit to this fact. Fashion over the decades have placed its major focus on adults and a very little focus on kids ranging from 0-18 years of age, and for this reason L’Reme emerged to satisfy basically the fashion need and demand of people within this age bracket.

The major fashion aim of L’Reme‘s ‘Help Me Style My Kids‘ is to encourage all children within its reach and portfolio feel and look good in their size, skin colour and most importantly their fashion outfit. We equally aim to assist, educate and foster partnership with parents to style their kids in the most cost effective way without exceeding their budget. L’Reme‘s ‘Help Me Style My Kids‘ also cares for the needs of kids of all races and religions, it also cares for kids with special needs.

We believe that every growing child’s fashion need can be attended to, everyone deserves to be well styled no matter the budget. We also strongly believe that the potentials in the child modelling industry can be fully tapped, especially in countries like England, Nigeria and Ghana where there are lots of great potentials in kids there to be supermodels. Either a parent wants a partial ‘Style My Kid‘ service in terms of consultation, or total service in terms of consultation and execution of the styling, L’Reme would be meeting the total demands of parents.

With years of experience in the fashion industry both in the United Kingdom and Nigeria, our head office is located in London and our branch office in Lagos, Nigeria. L’Reme is bringing parents around the globe an experience of a lifetime, now kids can be truly appreciated and made happy. Brace yourself for the experience of a lifetime; History is about to be made!

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Main photo credit: Candy Lane Kids

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