Superb range of fun and quality childrenswear and accessories from Trotters

Superb range of fun and quality childrenswear and accessories from Trotters

Trotters launched its children’s wear and accessories range 27 years ago with the only purpose of catering for the tiniest tots and babies and offering items for each phase of your child’s life up until they reach 11 years.

Whether you’re looking for a Swimwear for your daughter, a unique Printed sweater for your tod, a basic kids’ Trouser, Jeans or Tee or you are planning a holiday trip with your family, there is a range of children’s wear and fashion at Trotters that can cater for all occasions. Their collection also caters for your aspiring ballerina in their ballet range.

One of Trotters’ unique embargo is its lavish Hairdressing Salon for children situated at its first Trotters store in Chelsea, London. Yep!… a hairdressing salon only for children and kitted with a gigantic fish tank, literally! I had a superb shopping experience with a client when we visited Trotters boutique in Chelsea. Not only was her daughter Trotter’n in her selected range of clothes from Trotters, she left the boutique with a luxurious hairstyle by Trotters own talented hairdresser, looking fabulouso!

Trotters offers excellent shopping experience for children, and its clothing are as unique as every parent wants their child to be. When out clothe hunting for the perfect fashion item for your child, often quality and  durability come top of the list, even before style and Trotters range uniquely offers the best. With the best for your children at the forefront of their values this is a brand that must not be ignored!

It is truly a one stop store for shopping and picking up anything and everything your children’s wardrobes need.

Trotters is currently offering a Free UK Delivery for orders over £75, Free UK Returns should you choose to return any unwanted or unused garment, and Worldwide shipping if you live outside United Kingdom or are simply buying a loved one a gift. Visit Trotters at one of its six London-based stores, or shop the collections online today! 
Fashion piece in the picture put together by L'Reme

For booking, call/email us at or (+44)-799-0548-734

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